"You will surely vanish!"

Vitruvius backed up Emmet in a rap battle against Steve in Minecraft vs. LEGO. He was voiced by Tay Zonday.

Information on the rapperEdit

Vitruvius is a character that appears in The LEGO Movie. He brings together all the Master Builders for a meeting in Cloud Cuckoo Land, in which he tells them that an unstoppable force is coming that could "end the world as we know it." He plans for Emmet to stop this force. In the film, he is voiced by Morgan Freeman, while Josh Robert Thompson voices him in the video game adaption.


Steve, my prophecy is you craft a diamond sword,

Take it to the breaker panel, slash the wires and cords!

This will cause a power outage, and you will surely vanish!

And all of this is true because I can't say it in Spanish!