"I got so many ladies, they call me the Player!"

Steve rap battled Emmet, MetalBeard, Vitruvius, and the Creepers in Minecraft vs. LEGO. He was voiced by TryHardNinja.

Information on the rapperEdit

Steve is the protagonist of the critically acclaimed video game Minecraft. Very little is known about him, where it is he orignated from, what his goal is, and if he is even human.


Verse 1:Edit

Why's your skin all yellow? Do you got jaundice?

I'll erase your face with my mom's nail polish!

You're IKEA for kids; instructions leave them confused,

While my fusion reactor's feeding me a million EUs!

Now, face the wrath of my black hole singularity!

100 million copies sold by 2014!

You're a toy for tots; I'm killin' it!

I'm infinite, articulate,

Because Bob the Builder just built my fiber internet!

Verse 2:Edit

Aren't you supposed to be dead? You Gandalf knockoff!

I'll stomp your face 'til your head gets popped off!

Verse 3:Edit

You come with instructions? Step 1: Say a prayer.

I got so many ladies, they call me the Player!

You lost this battle! Your rhymes are boring, broken chatter!

No wonder on your box it says, "WARNING: CHOCKING HAZARD"!

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