Slender Man vs. Pedobear is an Animeme special, starring the titular characters, Slender Man and Pedobear.


Trainer #1: Pedobear! I choose YOU!

The Trainer throws a pokeball. Outrises from the pokeball is Pedobear.

Pedobear: Pedobear!

Trainer #2: I choose you, Slenderman!

He as well throws a pokeball, a one in which Slender Man appears from.

Trainer #1: Pedobear! Now's our chance!

Pedobear: Pedo.

It turns out Pedobear is humping the trainer.

Pedobear: Pedobear. Pedobear. Pedobear.

Trainer #1: Pedobear? What are you doing? Come on! COME ON, PEDOBEAR! Pedobear, he's getting closer! Ya gotta hurry!

Pedobear ignores and continues to hump the trainer while rapidly saying 'Pedobear'

Trainer #1:He's getting closer! Pedo-P-Pedo- Pedobear!

Trainer #2:Slenderman! Use your tentac-

Blood splatters up against the second trainer. It turns out Slender Man use his tentacles. It ripped into the first Trainer's mouth, out of his crotch, and into Pedobear's mouth. Pedobear is weakingly still humping the corpse.

Pedobear: Peedoobeear....Peedddoobbeear

The screen is covered in static.

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