OH F**K! is the fifteenth episode of the first season of Animeme. It was uploaded to youtube February 15, 2013.


  • Awesome Penguin

Turns out the girl you're chatting with at a party is a lesbian

Not anymore

  • Philosraptor

I there's an earthquake on Mars

is it still considered an earthquake?

  • Overly Manly Man


Maybe if you're a pussy

  • Godfather Baby

Barney's already over?

You tell that fat purple fuck I want him here now

  • Anne Frank

An army of Nazis are marching down an abandoned town street, past a house, a house in which Anne Frank is writing in her journel up in the attic. Suddenly, a two knocks are heard on the other side of the attic's door.

Nazi Officer: Knock Knock!

Anne Frank: Who's there? OH FUCK!

The door flies open, knocking back Anne

Nazi Officer: She's in here! Get her!

A wanted sign of Anne Frank (titled hide and seek champion) is seen on a wall. Suddenly, a large red stamp comes down on it, stamping in read word the [BUSTED]

  • Morpheus

What if I told you

The alphabet song is really Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

  • Evil Toddler

After I spend my first 12 years sucking the life and money out of my parents

I'm going to complain about how bad they raised me! That'll teach them

  • High Expections Asian Father

90's kid?

Why not 100's kid?

  • Successful Black Man got back

fom the hospital today, I couldn't be prouder

  • Bad Luck Brian

Bad Luck Brian is seen walking down the street to a house, humming

Bad Luck Brian: I got a new neighbor

Gets invited to play a game

Brian rings the doorbell. Shortly after the ring, the door slowly opens

Brian: Hi, friend!

A dart shoots of the door hole into Brian's chest. He stutters in fear before passing out. He wakes up in a purple room, tied to a chair with a deadly contraption on his head

Brian (muffled from contraption): Help me!


Jigsaw comes onto a TV screen infront of Brian

Jigsaw: Hello, Brian. I want to play a game.

The camera zooms out, with the Saw theme playing as Brian sobs.


  • This episode was previously named "The Hide and Seek Champion". It was changed for unknown reasons.
  • This is the most controversial episode of Animeme due to the Anne Frank segment.