We start at Kim Jong Un's palace in North Korea

General 1: Oh great leader, Oh great leader.

Kim: Yes?

General 1: Great news. The bombing of the American capital was a huge success.

Kim: Excellent. Death to our great satan. Isn't there footage?

General 1: Yes Yes. Of course we have all the footage.

Generals 2 and 3 mimic a puppet show footage

General 2: Oh no! Not the bombing of the White House!

Kim: Yes. Yes, it's very good. Wait. What is this? Do you think I'm a fool!? Did you think I wouldn't notice!?

General 3 gulps

Kim: I told you to use it to scare Obama. Drop to your knees so I can slap at your face.

General 2: Oh great leader. Use it as a paper hand.

General 3: Ow!

General 2: Yes. Very good slap.

General 3: Great leader...we captured...we captured Obama!

Kim: Obama? Very good. Bring me the great satan.

General 3: Bring in the great satan.

Guy with Obama mask is seen

Kim: You thought you were so advanced. Now we'll rule world power. Kneel great satan. Look into the eyes of your executioner!

Obama mask falls off the guy's face

Guy: I'm not Obama.

Kim: Holy shit! Obama's white!?

Rodman: Dribble, dribble. Kim, I gotta tell you. Dribble, dribble. That's not Obama. Rebow.

Kim: What do you mean, Rodman? My trusted general told me this was Obama. I saw the photos

Rodman: Uh, yeah Kim. Those were vacation photos with fire drawn on them. Those jets were labels, baby.


General 2: Great leader, great leader! Please forgive

Kim: If I can't trust you bundling fools to do it, I'll do it myself!

General 2: No, great leader!

Rodman: Hey, Kim, no no! Don't go shooting that missile!


Missile has been shoot but goes to Kim Jong Un's palace instead of the White House. The missile explodes.

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