Most Interesting Man vs. Old Spice is an episode of Animeme Rap Battles. It was released July 1 2013 along with Grumpy Cat vs. Nyan Cat and Forever Alone vs. Overly Attached Girlfriend, being uploaded on the Nerdist channel. 
Most Interesting Man vs

Most Interesting Man vs. Old Spice Guy - ANIMEME RAP BATTLES (NSFW)-0

Voice Actors

Brock Baker as Most Interesting Man

Tay Zonday as Old Spice Guy


The intro opens with Alex, who is in a fine business suit and leaning on a wooden podium.

Alex: Gentlemen, light your finest cigars, and ladies, hold on to your panties, because tonight, it's a battle royale between two of the most sophisticatied men in the world.

Old Spice Guy:

Look at my fist

Now back to me

Now back at my fist

Now back at me

What's in your hand?

Back at me

An expensive gift found in the sea

Now look again

It's a deadly piranha

Now it's veal parmigiana

I'm on a dolphin

Where are you?

You're on the moon, with no O2

Now look at me, I'm extremely handsome

Now you're being held for ransom

Behind you look, a box of kittens

At me, now back to Jason Witten

Close your eyes, Ok, now open

Now look down, your hip is broken

I'm almost done, soon you can talk

But if you attack, Terry Crews will block

Most Interesting Man tries to punch Old Spice multiple times, but Terry Crews blocks every time, shouting 'BLOCK!' every punch. This goes on until the Most Interesting Man unsuspectingly kicks him.

Most Interesting Man:

Ha ha! I kill two stones with one bird

And feel bad for the stones

My raps are so good, it'd make a less interesting man explode.

I'll drink your blood, and chase it with 151

I challenged myself to a staring contest and on the third day I won

I'm the closest thing the world has ever come to perfection

When I get lost in the hood, gangbangers give me directions

Google searches me, dolphins watch me, my beard has seen more than you

And in Rome, they do as I do

I just show up, and bitches follow

I don't always give women orgasms, but when I do, they swallow

I've been a black belt in karate since I was in the womb

I'll leave dos equis over your eyes, kid. Go to your tomb

I'm kicking your ass, you're fighting off the urge to say thanks

Oh, and by the way, Old Spice will never smell as good as Axe

Old Spice Guy:

Old Spice smells better than fresh chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven

Cinnamon rolls, that new car smell, and blue berry muffins

Library books, Play-Doh, Wet paint and chlorine

Those giant felt tip markers and gasoline

All mixed together

Most Interesting Man:

I don't always call people liars, but Old Spice smells like your typical run-of-the-mill soap.

Terry Crews:

Bah, old man, you've been talkin' for nearly an hour

I'll burn your ass with double sun power

What rhymes with explosion?

Another explosion

Now, excuse me, I gotta go work on my tits at Gold Gym

Terry flies away as Alex comes onto the screen

Alex: Uh, t-, uh, fair enough. You go work on those tits, Terry, we know you will. Alright, well before you guys leave and get wasted off some... fine chardonnay, I would like you to stay and leave a comment letting me know who won and who you would like to see on the show next. Well, ol' sport. It's been a fine evening. Cheers.

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