"Aye, I'm a a robo hobo who escaped Lord Biz in a rowboat!"

MetalBeard backed up Emmet in a rap battle against Steve in Minecraft vs. LEGO. He was voiced by Zach Holzman.

Information on the rapperEdit

MetalBeard is a character that appears in The LEGO Movie. He is a pirate obsessed with revenge on Lord Business for taking his body parts. It is also revealed that he built his suit from scratch. He is voiced by Nick Offerman in the film.


Ahoy, me hearties! MetalBeard to the rescue! I be a schitzo on the fritz, yo!

Aye, I'm a a robo hobo who escaped Lord Biz in a rowboat!

I'll make you walk the plank! Heave-ho! Drown and lose ye bubbles!

Tell Davy Jones I said "hello"! You're shark bait, bucko!

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