Mario Bros. vs

Mario Bros. vs. Frozen Sisters - ANIMEME RAP BATTLES

Mario Bros. vs. Frozen Sisters is the eighth installment of Animeme Rap Battles and the second episode of Season 2. It features protagonists of the Nintendo video game series named after them, the Mario Bros., rapping against protagonists of the Disney film Frozen, the Frozen Sisters. It was released on June 24th, 2016.

Voice actorsEdit

Mario Bros.Edit

Brock Baker as Mario and Luigi

Frozen SistersEdit

Michelle Glavan as Anna and Elsa


[Note: Mario is in red, Luigi is in green, Anna is in pink, and Elsa is in light blue. The Frozen Sisters rapping together is in regular text.]

Mario Bros.:Edit

Bongiorno, and welcome to our terror dome!

We've earned this throne! 400 million games sold!

You have icy hearts? We got balls of fire! Nice crown!

Sorry we missed your coronation. We were watching your parents drown!

You try to be tough, but you act in a musical!

The next time you'll hear singing, it will be at your funeral!

We don't play games like reindeer! Get it through your brain, dear!

We beat Bowser while still keeping your drain clear!

Frozen Sisters:Edit

Oh, I just saw Bowser running away with bae!

She's not being kidnapped; she's just trying to get away!

We're just getting started! You're 'bout to hit retirement.

Life's a great ride, but you don't reach the height requirement.

Now, I'll throw snowballs

All over your baby overalls!

Love's an open door, but yours is one I'm shuttin'!

We control you! I mean, it only takes two buttons.

Mario Bros.:Edit

Keep shooting your ice at me, you cold-hearted witch!

'Cause every time I freeze, someone blows my cartridge!

You don't gotta tell me who's pipes I need to fix!

Your singing makes me want to bash my head on these bricks!

But you can make a song about anything; really, that is a gift!

So many guys have screwed you over, you're the next Taylor Swift!

We're fat, funny, and different; you two are as plain as ice!

Two basic white girls? You probably piss Pumpkin Spice!

Frozen Sisters:Edit

We're plain? You're whiter than we are.

You play golf, tennis, and drive NASCAR!

Step to us, son? Marshmallow will be your end.

Think we're done, Italians? Say hello to my little friend!

I'm the queen who stopped summer; you're Nintendo's Dumb and Dumber!

Your lover ain't Princess Peach; she would never screw a plumber!

This battle is done, and I don't see a flagpole.

U mad bro? Let it go!


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  • This is the first two-on-two battle.
  • This is the first battle in which the rappers on the same side are related by blood to each other.