ANIMEME 11 - IT'S A FAP!02:20


It's a Fap is the eleventh episode of the first season of Animeme. It was uploaded to youtube December 15, 2012.


Walks in on you taking a shit

'You gonna eat that?'

  • Successful Black Man

Every day I'm hustling

Between work and my daughter's soccer pratice, I am just at my wits end

  • Musically Oblivious 8th Grader

Iron Maiden?

That's Iron Man's girlfriend, right?

  • Troll Face

What do you call a woman with an opinion


  • One Does Not Simply

One does not simply

say no to a blunt

  • Pedobear

A boy is couragously running towards a ball pit containing two other children. He jumps and lands in it, but the two other children are dragged into the pit.

The boy looks around, scared, is when Pedobear comes out of the pit and lays his hands on the boy's rear. The boy is alarmed and runs out only to be dragged back in by Pedobear. The boy's clothes then fly out of the pit.

  • Insanity Wolf

Donate Blood


  • Forever Alone

Make dinner for two

Don't have to cook tommorow

  • Most Interesting Man

I don't always Skype

But when I do, I look at myself

  • Rage Comics

Sperm Cell: Oh my god! I'm finally free! I'm so gonna be the first one to find the egg!

Ackbar Sperm Cell: It's a fap!

It turns out that the orgasm is really from masturbation, not sex, and all the sperms wash out into the shower.


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