Insanity Wolf
Background Information
Origin: 4chan
Year: 2009
Show Information
Voiced by: RedMinus
First appearance: "Black Baby"
Latest appearance: "Insanity Wolf vs. Courage Wolf - ANIMEME RAP BATTLES"

Insanity Wolf is a famous, recurring meme in Animeme that first appeared in Black Baby. Being another advice animal/image macro, Insanity Wolf is a grey wolf that advises people to commit insane and illegal crimes, most of the time involving death, rape, Barge, Masturbate, Slap, Slaughter, Decapitate, Spurt out Blood, Cause his eyes to Flash Red and/or self mutilation while the Psycho theme plays in the background. He rap battled his rival, Courage Wolf, in Insanity Wolf vs. Courage Wolf, and Slender Man in Slender Man vs. Insanity Wolf. He has been voiced by RedMinus on all occasions.


"Parents ask what 'fapping' means. DEMONSTRATE"
―Insanity Wolf[src]
"The snack that smiles back: CHILDREN"
―Insanity Wolf[src]
"Finds bear trap. TEABAGS IT."
―Insanity Wolf[src]
"Do the cinnamon challenge. WITH COCAINE!"
―Insanity Wolf[src]
"I just saved a Bunch of money on my CAR Insurance. BY LEAVING THE SCENE OF THE ACCIDENT!"
―Insanity Wolf[src]
"Parents Catch you Masturbating. Look them in the Eye and Finish, LIKE A BOSS!"
―Insanity Wolf[src]
"'Baby on board' sign. TARGET ACQUIRED"
―Insanity Wolf[src]
"Take a trip to the Virgin Islands. RAPE THEM."
―Insanity Wolf[src]
"Irons out wrinkles. IN SCROTUM"
―Insanity Wolf[src]
―Insanity Wolf[src]


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Slender Man vs. Insanity Wolf

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AIRPLANE - Insanity Wolf


  • Many people believe that Courage Wolf and Insanity Wolf are biologically related. Though possible, it has been yet to be confirmed in the Animeme canon they are related.
  • He apparently and unsurprisingly has AIDS.About

About Edit

Insanity Wolf is like the mentally disturbed cousin of Courage Wolf and is placed in theGod Tier category on

While Courage Wolf often encourages people to overcome life's obstacles, Insanity wolf tells his viewers to rape, kill, and commit other acts of insanity.

There is even a Facebook app for Insanity Wolf.