Boomerang is the fourth episode of Animeme. It was released August 4, 2012.


  • Back Luck Brian

Goes as Batman for Halloween

Parents get killed

  • Successful Black Man

Damn Girl! Back that Thing UP!

Or you're Gonna Lose all of Your Files!

  • Soon

(a cat is evilly staring at a dog eat from a distance)


  • Awesome Penguin

Dad Sits down to Give you the Talk

To teach New Sex Moves

  • Condesending Wonka

Oh, you use you chopsticks ar Panda Express?

You must be sooo cultured

  • Rage Comic

Doctor: Good news first, or bad news?

Patient: Good news, of course!

Doctor: You're gonna have a disease named after you.

Patient: ..........Fuck

  • Chemistry Cat

Tell a potassium joke


  • Hight Expections Asian Father

You dropped F-bomb in school?!

Why you not drop A......nevermind

  • Almost Politically Correct Redneck

Ain't nothing wrong with the Chinese

Especially when they speak English, instead that ching chang language

  • Misunderstood Spider

A scene of a depressing looking father, son, and mother spider

My family is cold and homeless, can we crash in the corner tonight?

A roll up newspaper comes down, crushing the mother spider

Or squish my wife, that's cool, too

  • Really High Guy

Hey guys

Wake me up when I'm hungry

  • Philosoraptor

If swearing is immature

Why is it reffered to as 'Adult Language'?

  • Godfather Baby

Next time you take my nose

I'll break your fucking legs

  • Stare Dad

Son: Dad! I'm hungry!

Dad: Tell your mother.

Son: She's not in the kitchen


  • Forever Alone:

Throws Boomerang

Doesn't come back