Alex Negrete, also known as keeptheheat is the creator and writer of Animeme along with Zack James.

He also created Animeme's spin off series, Animeme Rap Battles and hosted, being the announcer at the beginning and end.

Work on AnimemeEdit


  • Created Animeme, along with Zack James
  • Created Animeme Rap Battles


  • Hosted/voiced in every episode of Animeme Rap Battles as himself


Criticism of Alex NegreteEdit

When Alex posted the video "SMASH LIKE THOR", many haters and animeme fans alike began criticising Alex because the video contained sponsoring of "Keep The Heat", Alex's second youtube channel. After youtuber VarietyPlus, (Animeme wiki's Buckyfan99), posted a comment saying how the fans don't own animeme, Alex replied by saying he likes the fans, and so when they get hate he is like "No, we like you guys!"