ANIMEME High School - Karate Kyle-1

ANIMEME High School - Karate Kyle-1

ANIMEME High School-Karate Kyle is the first episode of Animeme High School starring Karate Kyle.


In the cafeteria, Bad Luck Brian gets a slop of food put on his plate. He sighs as he walks to his seat, but he bumps into Karate Kyle, causing Brian to fall back. Kyle turns around.

Karate Kyle: YOU.

Kyle stomps on Brian's feet, causing his to spring up and punches his in the face, sending Brian flying back.

For the rest of the scene, heavy metal music and beating is heard in the background.

Annoying Facebook Girl: (gasps) Oh my gosh! Facebookin'! (she takes a picture of Kyle beating up Brian)

Overly Attached Girlfriend: I've got to have him.

Scumbag Steve: (to Good Guy Greg) I heard the last guy who removed Kyle from Facebook got his face removed.

Good Guy Greg: Now Now, Steven. Please let's not instagate rumours.

Sudden Clarity Clarance: (to Really High Guy)  Whoa. What if his uniform was WHITE before he bought it?

Kyle finishes up Brian while the music goes back to being calm. Brian is on the floor, beat to a pulp, and spits out his blood covered shoe.